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$200,000.00 Breach Protection


CoreRecon provides you with a CoreRecon “Squirrel Shadow” Appliance with the following included:

HIPAA Services:
Identifies risk and vulnerabilities in your business environment, and second is guided implementation and documentation of resolutions. Each month you will move forward on the path simplified for achieving CoreRecon certified HIPAA compliance. Covering each of the following administrative, physical, and technical HIPAA security safeguards:

· HIPAA Breach Protection Checklist
· Quarterly external vulnerability scans
· Inventory of systems and vulnerability identification (PHI Map)
· Prioritized Risk Management Plan
· Customizable HIPAA Privacy and Security policy templates
· Business Associate Agreement template
· $100,000 Breach Protection (coverage is not activated until implementation and attestation of the HIPAA Breach Protection Checklist)
· Unlimited live technical support available 24 hours a day
· Monthly HIPAA Newsletters
· Certificate of HIPAA Compliance (upon program completion)

PCI Services:

· PCI Compliance Portal access Online and phone scoping
· Online PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) with simplified language
· External Vulnerability Scanning
· Unlimited 24/7 SAQ and scan support
· Compliance reporting to merchant processor
· Compliance certificate and online compliance logo
· PANscan (Card Data Discovery)
· $100,000 breach reimbursement service guarantee/MID
· Security Policy Templates
· Security Awareness Training (5 individuals)
· MobileScan
· Managed firewall with 24/7 monitoring and support (no installation fee)
· Internal Vulnerability Scanning Rogue wireless access detection


CoreRecon is a cyber security company committed to offering information security services to healthcare providers across the country to improve the quality of healthcare delivery in their communities. Utilizing our expertise, tools, and proven methodologies designed specifically for healthcare.

*3 year contractual commitment for the services Cancellation within the 3-year period requires all applicable contract(s) to be bought out.