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CoreRecon’s HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is a multifaceted technical and nontechnical review that results in a detailed technical security and regulatory compliance report.

The review includes a risk analysis to identify threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your organization, a security control assessment to identify gaps in your regulatory and security controls, and is underpinned by a manual vulnerability analysis that identifies weaknesses in your information systems. CoreRecon engineers’ test, examine and interview using a risk-based approach, allowing more focused depth and coverage on high risk and high impact areas.

The HIPAA Security Risk Analysis provides tailored recommendation to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your protected health information (PHI) by focusing on your primary security needs:

1. Ensure your sensitive data is secure

2. Ensure your network is secure

4. Ensure your business associates are sufficiently protecting your ePHI

5. Ensure your workstations and servers are deployed according to best practices

6. Ensure you are protected from short and long term disasters

7. Ensure you are well-prepared for a HIPAA audit

Our expert security engineers and compliance consultants come to your organization’s location to speak with key system owners and management members to gain a full understanding of your overall IT environment and architecture. Our engineers examine and analyze your policies, procedures, standards, physical facilities, information systems and networks to ensure the report is comprehensive and holistic.

Using a risk-based approach enables additional focus on the areas of security with the highest impact and potential for breach. Our proven approach allows CoreRecon’s engineers to accurately and cost-effectively identify areas of risk and provide strategic and technical security recommendations that are actionable and effective.


Did you know?

$32,000 is the average cost per DAY of a cyber attack on a business.